“Practical theology is seldom a systematic enterprise, aimed at the ordering of beliefs about God, the church, or classic texts. More often it is an open-ended, contingent, unfinished grasp or analysis of faith in action. It focuses on the tangible, the local, the concrete, and the embodied. Ultimately, practical theology … not only describes how people live as people of faith in communities and society. It also considers how they might do so more fully.”

— Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore

Love Your Enemies is an opportunity to come together as seminarians, church & community leaders, youth & social workers, or anyone else who is interested in joining into a conversation on the radical possibility of love in our city.

So why a colloquium? Because we believe in the world changing potential of shared dialogue. While these aren’t the kind of speakers you may be used to seeing at conferences, we’ve invited some of the leading voices in Toronto on loving those outside of our comfort zones. They’re going to lead us through their own experiences in seeking harmony in their context and help us explore how we might do the same in ours.

We’re excited to share this with you all.

Ben Bartosik and Jesse James, & the rest of the Tyndale Seminary Student Association